Enhance your productivity and quality of your production process with the Plate and Cast Stackers

Are you tired of inefficient and laborious stacking processes in your factory? Well, in this article we will discuss the plate and casting stacker as your ultimate solution for efficient and profitable stacking processes. The Plate and Casting Stacker gently stacks whole panels and individual plates directly from the kiln and spreader with exceptional efficiency, quickly forming grid packages without excessive handling. It can be adapted to your existing ovens, and what’s more, with adjustable process speeds based on oven speed, you can simplify your production process like never before.

Touch Screen panel with simplified controls to speed up processes

Syomec designs and manufactures plate and casting stackers with the aim of increasing the productivity of its customers, to do so it has equipped the machine with touch screen panel and capacious memory. Once the “recipe” with name, size, thickness and weight of the grid is set and saved, just recall it to start working and quickly save time. In addition, machine operation is highly intuitive thanks to the iconographic controls while package unloading can be manual or with manipulator (optional).

Operating cycle of Syomec’s plate and casting stacker

The cycle starts with the selection of grid type and size using a pre-stored recipe. The grids fresh out of the kiln are transported via a belt system to the stacking unit. Here, thanks to a special device, they are stacked quickly and precisely, overlapping each other perfectly. The grids are then laid on the lower belts and moved for later storage by hand or by robot. The electronic reader system counts the stacked plates to ensure the same number of items per package as per the recipe.

What are the construction features of Syomec’s plate and casting stacker

  • supporting structure made of RAL5015 blue painted iron
  • conveyor belt with lifter
  • separator for single plates
  • stacking unit with beaters
  • package unloading belt
  • package lifting-rotation unit
  • electrical panel with pc and monitor
  • pneumatic panel
  • afety guards

Download the data sheet with detailed specifications and measurements

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