Stacker for plates with palletizer: an innovative solution to improve production processes


After many years of experience in manufacturing and installation of industrial and automation equipment, we are able to offer innovative and customized solutions that meet and satisfy the specific needs of customers worldwide. As we speak, we are completing the delivery of 3 complete stacking plants with the PS600 stacker for plates with palletizer to a new customer in East Asia in a market that was, until now, new and unexplored to us.

What are the technical specifications of the Syomec PS600 stacker for plates with palletizer?

The PS600 stacker for plates with palletizer is equipped with a 4-axis anthropomorphic palletizer, a framework gripper with control and protection systems for maximum safety of the user handling and using it. In addition, the technical characteristics are:

  • structure in Fe RAL 5015
  • connecting tape with lifter
  • widening belts
  • stacker group with electric lift
  • fork group with electric up-down movement
  • side and front beaters
  • stacked package conveyor
  • package lifter
  • electrical panel with touch screen
  • recipes with plate counting

The options that you can request are:

  • parcel weighing system
  • parcel planimetry control system
  • computer with 2 monitors
  • input chain conveyor with plate alignment control
  • 4-axis robot with palletizing gripper
  • robot protection
  • pallet unstacker
  • pallet transport conveyor
  • full pallet stacker

What production standards do you have with the PS600 stacker for plates with palletizer?

The plate stacker with palletization is designed to stack plates made from continuous belt with high standards of safety and speed up to placing as many as 600 cut plates per minute and is capable of:

  • stack cast plates of various sizes weight and thickness
  • perform stacks of plates with a minimum height of 65 mm and a maximum height of 120 mm
  • stack center uncut spread plates and center cut plates
  • stack up to 360 cut plates and 180 uncut plates per minute

With these features, the stacker manages two output lines and stacks two packs of plates. In flow management, the packs are picked up by the robot and placed on the appropriate dispenser pallets which is located above a roller conveyor. This process allows the operator to pick up 3 dispenser pallets and place as many 3 empty ones, thus ensuring continuous production.

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