FACC320 Roller Water Bath: the advantages of our battery production machinery

Roller Water Bath for car and truck battery production

SYOMEC SRL started its activity in 2009 in the field of mechanical construction, offering itself as a supplier of battery charging and internal warehouse handling systems. Currently, production is focused on the manufacture of battery charging systems for the automotive sector and mechanical components for automation and warehouse handling. In this article, in particular, we will discuss the FACC320 Roller Water Bath.

Roller Water Bath for the car and truck battery industry

The FACC320 charging tub is the ideal solution for those working in the car and truck battery industry. With its capacity to store up to 320 automotive batteries and 180 truck batteries, it can meet the needs of a wide range of customers. The new model differs from its predecessors in its loading capacity and water cooling system, which increases its reliability and efficiency.

The structure is made entirely of stainless steel, a durable material that ensures a long service life. In addition, the motorized roller conveyor system provides increased safety and reliability, ensuring that batteries are transported quickly and efficiently.

The battery entry and exit doors are pneumatically operated, ensuring easy opening and closing in any situation. In addition, the NO AIR safety system ensures that the doors are closed in case of air shortage, thus avoiding any kind of danger to the operator.

The integrated water cooling system allows loading and unloading to be managed by automatic valves, the water level control is automatic, and the water recycling system with high flow pump ensures low environmental impact.

The fume extraction hood with opening doors provides enhanced safety and protection against any toxic emissions. Finally, the water oxygenation system with bubbles ensures greater efficiency during the charging process.

The FACC320 Roller Water Bath is a high-quality product designed and built with the goal of ensuring maximum reliability and safety during the charging process of car and truck batteries.

Custom-developed systems for battery production process optimization

SYOMEC SRL’s products are not standard, but are customized to best meet each customer’s needs. The full range of products includes the design and construction of automatic battery charging systems, motorized roller conveyors, idle roller conveyors, roller, chain, vane, and slat conveyors, and conveyor belts. With its own organization, SYOMEC SRL assists the customer from the preliminary analysis of the project to its implementation and commissioning.

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